Stopping Hair Loss – New Hair Development
Volume Increase
120 Tablets



  • A food supplement that contains the basic vitamins needed for hairy scalp and hair health.
  • Can be used to support, protect, revitalize, extend, thicken, and strengthen hair follicle development.
  • Can be used in both female and male type hair loss.
  • Helps to better nourish the transplanted hair follicles and increase the quality of the hair by increasing the microcirculation of the hair after hair transplantation.

How To Use

It is recommended to use two tablets per day. It is suitable for use on a full stomach in the morning and evening. Hair Vitamin is an orodispersible tablet. You can use it with water or by dissolving it on your tongue according to your preference. Do not exceed the recommended dose unless the dose is increased by the physician. WARNINGS: NOT A MEDICINE.